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SkinVive Miami and West Palm Beach

By October 23, 2023News

SkinVive – Get glowy skin! 

Get glowy skin. Smooth creepy skin. For 6 months. Without filler. Yes, please! SkinVive Miami. Skin Vive West Palm Beach.

How does Skinvive work?

SkinVive moisturizes the skin from the inside out. The product is based on natural hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide (sugar) that is found in the body. SkinVive Miami. SkinVive near me.

SkinVive is injected in very small amounts just under the skin. The formulation attracts water and keeps it in the skin. This hydrates the skin. In clinical trials, patients reported that their skin glowed and felt more moisturized. Take a look at some of the clinical trial photos (courtesy of Allergan). SkinVive West Palm Beach.SkinVive Miami: Before and After

Is SkinVive a filler? SkinVive Miami

No. SkinVive is part of the Juvederm family, but it is not a filler.

Can SkinVive be used on the chest?

SkinVive is FDA-approached for use on the face. Other areas are “off-label.” Physicians have discretion to use a product off-label after a consultation with the patient and a review of the available evidence. 

How much does skin SkinVive cost?

It depends on the area treated. Generally, the face is about $800.

SkinVive reviews: what the clinical trials showed. 

  • 83% (103/124) were satisfied with how healthy their facial skin looked at six months compared to 38% before treatment.
  • 72% were satisfied with how hydrated their facial skin looked at six months compared to 24% before treatment.
  • 69% (86/124) were satisfied with how refreshed their facial skin made them look at six months compared to 16% before treatment.
  • 63% (78/124) of patients were satisfied with how radiant their facial skin looked at six months compared with 11% before treatment. 

Are there any side effects?

The clinical trial showed pretty minor and temporary side effects in most patients. The most common reported side effects were minor and temporary redness, lumps/bumps, swelling, bruising, tenderness, pain, firmness, discoloration, and itching at the injection. 

Who is a good candidate for SkinVive? SkinVive Miami

SkinVive by Juvederm is indicated to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks in adults over the age of 21. The product is FDA-approved for all skin colors (Fitzpatrick I-VI). People that have an allergy to SkinVive’s ingredients would not be a good candidate for SkinVive. 

Is SkinVive worth it? SkinVive Miami

If you’re interest in getting glowy skin and having long-lasting results, SkinVive may be a good option. Based on the clinical trials, even at 6 months following treatment, most patients had glowy skin. While SkinVive is not a substitute for routine skincare, SkinVive can augment your glow. Get your glow on! 

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