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Liquid BBL’s and Hip Dips

By October 15, 2021October 23rd, 2023News

Skinny BBL and filler for Hip Dips

Skinny BBL and Skinny Hip Dips

No fat, no problem. Don’t want surgery, we might have an alternative.

Skinny BBL and Skinny Hip Dips are each in-office non-surgical procedures. They use off-the-shelf FDA-approved products to add volume to body, including the buttocks and hips dips. 

High volume injections are possible with these products.

Skinny BBL with Skinny Hips Dips with Renuva and Leneva?

Renuva® and Leneva® are each FDA-approved off-the-shelf injectables that offer an alternative to traditional liposuction and fat grafting. These products contain an adipose matrix that provides immediate volume. This matrix is then replaced with your body’s own tissue over 12–24 weeks. Because the body’s own tissue deposits during this time, most patients achieve longer-term results.

Watch an Actual Hip Dip Injection!


What is the difference between Renuva and Leneva?

They are the same product. One is marketed for reconstructive purposes – e.g., adding volume post-breast cancer surgery. The other is marketed for cosmetic purposes. Market splitting is often a function of how healthcare is reimbursed in the United States. 

What is the downtime for Renuva/Leneva?

Renuva and Leneva injections are typically done in the office during a lunch time procedure with minimal downtime. Depending on the injection volume and location, we inject using ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound guidance is required for Brazilian Butt Lifts and we follow this same safety guidance for injections into the buttocks area using adipose fat matrix.

Have Clinical Studies Been Done?

Yes. Clinical studies have been done that evaluate fat retention following injection in various areas of the body.

How much does a BBL or Hip Dip filling cost?

It varies widely depending on the amount of product injected. It is generally more expensive that surgery because of the product’s cost.

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