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Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy and Tighten the Skin

By October 20, 2023October 23rd, 2023News

How to remove stretch marks after pregnancy?

How to remove stretch marks after pregnancy? We have been offering some patients a new, non-surgical option: Ellacor.

Ellacor was first developed to tighten the skin on the face. However, we’ve started using the device to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. Why?

Ellacor is the only non-surgical, non-thermal device that works by removing skin on the microscale. This means that we are removing part of stretch mark with every treatment. As the sites heal, we’ve seen stretch marks shrink in size and significantly improve in appearance. AND BONUS: extra skin is removed on the abdomen.

Ellacor removing skin at the micro-scale

Is Ellacor similar to microneedling?

Yes and No. Ellacor uses tiny hollow needles to remove microscopic skin cores. In contrast, microneedling only punctures the skin superficially without removing any skin cores.

How many treatments will I need to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy?

We’ve seen Ellacor significantly and substantially shrink stretch marks over three treatments. Most people are happy after three sessions. In theory, treatment could continue until the stretch marks were gone. However, there is likely diminishing return on investment after 3-6 sessions in any one year on any one body part.

Is this an in-office procedure?

Yes, Ellacor is designed to be an in-office. Most patients use a topical numbing cream for one hour before the procedure. During the procedure, the doctor places local anesthetic under the skin. Most patients find Ellacor on the abdomen to be easier than Ellacor on the face. Most patients do not take any oral sedative when having the abdomen treated. However, every patient is different and we tailor our protocol to each patient to make them as comfortable as possible.

What is the downtime after treatment my stretch marks?

Most patients return to work the next day. Patients generally must apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the site the following day. This means that patients may need to plan to wear an undershirt to work to avoid staining their business clothes with petroleum jelly. Common restrictions include: no working out for 72 hours and no swimming/hot tubs/bath tubs for 1 week.

How often are treatments spaced apart?

Ellacor treatments are generally spaced four weeks apart. This is because the body needs time to fully heal the micro-cored sites before starting another round of treatment. Treatments can be spaced more than four weeks apart.

How many Ellacor cartridges do I need?

During each session, a new disposable hand piece is used on each patient. Each hand piece can only perform a certain number of micro-cores. On the stomach, this is generally around 24,000 micro-cores. 24,000 micro-cores can generally treat a small female’s entire abdomen area. Treating larger areas require more cartridges.

Can I learn more about Ellacor?

Yes. We have a video where we talk about Ellacor and skin tightening on the face. A video for the abdomen is in production! While we get that ready, you can learn about how Ellacor works by watching this video below. For those science types, here’s a link to a PubMed article.

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